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About Us

Qingdao Joying Package Co., LTD., founded in 2013, is located in Yanli Industrial Park, Qingdao, China. It is a production-oriented printing factory integrating design, manufacturing, R&D and innovation. It mainly undertakes the production of thermal label, sticker, multi-layer instruction sticker and printable roll hanging tags.

Talents and enterprises, good equipment, cast the brand. Since its establishment, focusing on the establishment of modern enterprise mechanism, through the continuous implementation of personnel training and industrial equipment automation, the company has gradually established a stable and high-quality technical level of professional team and two equipment dedicated lines with university productivity.

The series of products operated by the company:

1. All kinds of roll-on self-adhesive labels: heat-sensitive blank, heat-resistant label, freezing label, transparent label, bar code label, etc.

2. All kinds of self-adhesive stickers: Christmas stickers, cartoon transparent stickers, hot gold stickers, custom sticker printing, etc.

3. All kinds of paper instructions: multi-layer folding instructions, multi-layer instructions.

4. All kinds of roll-on printing tags: can print clothing tags, roll-on movie tickets, roll-on pipe industry certificate.