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Laser Hologram Label
  • Laser Hologram LabelLaser Hologram Label
  • Laser Hologram LabelLaser Hologram Label
  • Laser Hologram LabelLaser Hologram Label
  • Laser Hologram LabelLaser Hologram Label
  • Laser Hologram LabelLaser Hologram Label
  • Laser Hologram LabelLaser Hologram Label

Laser Hologram Label

As the professional manufacturers, Joying would like to provide you laser hologram label. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Joying is a professional laser hologram label manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can rest assured to wholesale and customized laser hologram label from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Laser hologram label, also known as laser anti-counterfeiting label, is an anti-counterfeiting label that uses laser color hologram plate making technology and mold pressing replication technology. The plate making technologies that can be achieved include: dot matrix dynamic light, disposable dedicated laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium reduced text, etc.

The identification of laser hologram labels is mainly observed by the naked eye, and internal engraving features can also be observed through microscopic equipment to distinguish authenticity. Its characteristics are: the labels pressed from the same template are the same, but the template is affected by various parameters and environmental conditions in the photolithography process, so it is unlikely to make two identical templates, which is also one of the most important anti-counterfeiting characteristics of laser hologram labels.

Laser hologram label application field: Laser hologram label is currently one of the most widely used labels. This type of logo is currently the most widely used in the market, widely used in various industries such as clothing, footwear, health products, food, alcohol, automotive parts, medicine, tobacco, light industry, electrical appliances, audio-visual cultural products, etc. Many enterprises will choose laser hologram labels, and the cost of laser hologram labels is very low; However, many people have little knowledge about the anti-counterfeiting technology of laser hologram labels.

The role and use of laser holographic labels:

1. Improve product quality.

2. Laser hologram labels have a good effect on preventing counterfeiting and shoddy products. With the continuous upgrading and improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology, many laser hologram labels are difficult to forge. This can increase the company’s market share and increase sales revenue.

3. When consumers see the laser hologram labels on the packaging, they will feel that the brand and product are very standardized. And it facilitates consumers to check for authenticity before purchase and use, improving customer satisfaction and repeat purchase rate.

4. Contribute to brand promotion. When the company entrusts the anti-counterfeiting company to design the label, it can add QR code scanning on the label, link to the company’s official website or shopping mall, or add the company’s sales telephone. These have a good promotional effect on the company’s brand products.

5. When there are many manufacturers and distributors, they will choose to use counterfeit labels to curb counterfeit behavior, standardize promotion channels, and have a great effect on improving the accumulation of distributors and sales personnel.

What are the anti-counterfeiting technologies included in laser hologram labels:

1. Conventional holographic anti-counterfeiting technology: Commonly used is laser rainbow relief holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, which is the application of laser rainbow holographic plate making technology and relief replication technology, a visual graphic information generated on products.

2. Multi channel holographic anti-counterfeiting technology: When the multi channel holographic anti-counterfeiting label rotates, different patterns will appear at the same position of the label.

3. Invisible encryption technology: Invisible encryption technology creates encrypted patterns at any position on the logo, and the encrypted patterns can be seen under the laser copying machine.

4. 360°Computer Dot Matrix Holography Technology: 360°Computer Dot Matrix Holography technology produces a combination of radial, circular, spiral, and other light spots within the 360°observation range of the image, which is highly dynamic.

5. Double layer holographic technology: Double layer holographic technology can reveal holographic identification and also see anti-counterfeiting layers printed with patterns and text, with a double security anti-counterfeiting effect.

6. Fluorescent encryption holographic technology: The principle of fluorescence encryption holographic technology is the same as encryption.

7. Dynamic encoding anti-counterfeiting technology: Dynamic encoding anti-counterfeiting is the process of placing a trademark in front of you, and as the trademark slowly rotates, continuous patterns appear.

8. Telephone code anti-counterfeiting technology: The telephone code anti-counterfeiting logo is a combination of laser anti-counterfeiting technology and telephone code anti-counterfeiting technology. Authenticity can be verified by querying a unified core database.

Our company’s laser hologram labels are made strictly according to standards, and you can purchase them with complete confidence. We will be responsible for making laser hologram labels that meet your requirements. Welcome everyone to purchase our laser hologram labels with discounted prices and high-quality quality.

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