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Precautions when pasting stickers:


1. Proper paste working environment is the basis to ensure the paste effect.

2. Before pasting, make preparations and keep your hands clean; Avoid dust, sweat and water, which may affect the viscosity and loss of appearance.

3. Keep the surface of the pasted object clean; Oil, water and dust particles will affect the adhesion of the label. In this case, clean the object with water, alcohol and dry cloth before attaching the label.

4. When pasting, the operator's fingers should not touch the glue part as much as possible, or touch a corner of the label in a small area after cleaning the hands to avoid weakening the adhesive force of the label.

5. The pasting action is completed at one time to avoid uncovering and pasting again if the position is found to be inappropriate during the pasting process.

6. After pasting, press evenly with clean fingers.

7. The maximum stickiness value is reached after the label is pasted for 24 hours.

Adhesion test of self-adhesive label is an important link in the printing of self-adhesive label. Only by checking the stickiness of self-adhesive labels in the right way can we avoid unnecessary problems in the printing of our self-adhesive labels. Many small aspects of sticker printing will have a big impact, so we need to be careful

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