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Snow, we have a snowball fight.


Have a snowball fight together

As the Spring Festival approaches, the snow is falling heavily and the chill is getting thicker. In this cold season, the employees of Joying Company welcomed the Spring Festival in a unique way. After the snow, they organized employees to experience the beauty of nature and held a joyful snowball fight and snowman building activities. Welcome the upcoming Spring Festival with joy.

When the snowflakes were falling, employees of Joying Company couldn't wait to get out of the office and join in the carnival of snowball fights. They divided into two teams, picked up the snowballs one after another, and started a fierce competition amidst laughter and laughter. Not only that, they also built cute snowmen together, giving the snowmen different expressions and shapes, making the scene joyful and warm. During the activity, employees released their stress, enhanced emotional communication with each other, and enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team.

Snowball fights and snowman building activities not only bring joy and relaxation to the company's employees, but also exercise the company's good corporate culture and team spirit. Through such activities, employees become more united and work together for the company. In this special Spring Festival, employees of the company welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival in a joyful way. Snowball fights and making snowmen are not only activities, but also the practice of teamwork and harmonious relationships. , but also injects infinite hope and vitality into the upcoming new year.

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